Grade 11 University

Extra Practice Sheets

Congratulations for making the wise and mature decision to voluntarily practice extra math.


These practice sheets are numbered by levels of difficulty.  Each PDF document contains multiple versions of practice questions at the same level of difficulty.  In the top right corner, an ID number is printed; this ID number is the version number.  There are 3 versions for each worksheet.  Each worksheet is followed by the answers.  Please don’t print and waste paper if you don’t need to.


Shim Tips

* Don’t overdo it!  “A little bit, often.” is better than “A lot, the day before.”

* Practice good form.  There is no such thing as scrap paper.

* Don’t erase; do it again. If you have problems, someone (Mr. Shim) can help you by looking at your mistakes.

* These are practice sheets; they do not necessarily prepare you for problem solving or other rich questions.




¨      Simplifying Radicals – simplifying radicands; collecting like terms; rationalizing denominators

¨      Rational Exponents – converting forms and simplifying

¨      Exponent Laws I (review grade 9)

¨      Exponent Laws II – (review grade 10; integer exponents)

¨      Rational Exponents II – using exponent laws with rational exponents

¨      Solving Exponential Equations (logarithms are not required)

¨      Review Factoring – always factor the GCF first!  Here we are factoring simple trinomials of the type .

¨      Review Factoring II – these are more difficult; trinomials of the type , where a ≠1.

¨      Review Factoring III – more practice.

¨      Simplifying Rational Expressions

¨      Multiplying and Dividing Rational Expressions

¨      Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions



¨      Solving Quadratics by Factoring

¨      Solving Quadratics by Completing the Square

¨      Solving Quadratics Using the Formula

¨      Graphing Quadratics

¨      Graphing Quadratics (no axes); same as “Graphing Quadratics”, but saves printing as the axes are not provided.


Transformations of Functions

v  Evaluating Functions – using function notation, evaluate numeric values or expressions

v  Graphing Functions – practice graphing parabolas, square root, absolute value and reciprocal functions

v  Inverse Reciprocal Functions – practice determining inverse functions and their graphs using reciprocal functions

v  Combinations of Transformations (1)

v  Combinations of Transformations (2)

v  Combinations of Transformations (3)

v  Combinations of Transformations (4)



* Basic Trigonometry – using right triangles:  primary trig ratios; solve of side; solve for angle

* Sine Law – solving triangles using sine law

* Cosine Law – solving triangles using cosine law

* Solving Triangles – using any method

* Graphing Trig Functions I y=af(kx)

* Graphing Trig Functions II y=af(k(x-p))+q

* Graphing Trig Functions III y=af(k(x-p))+q , k can be neg

* Graphing Sinusoids – practice graphing transformations of sine and cosine (in degrees)

* Solving Trig Equations I

Sequences and Series

¨      Review Sequences – arithmetic and geometric sequences

¨      Arithmetic Series

¨      Geometric Series

¨      Binomial Theorem

¨      Financial Mathematics